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Nicki Minaj Says K mart Line Will Not Be ‘Cheap & Cheesy’ At Press Conference 

At a live press conference in Hollywood on Friday, Nicki answered all her fan’s burning questions via

On sharing her design process with the world:

 "I will be able to post exclusive videos and footage to anyone that is a member on the site, so they can see how I’m creating the line and be a member of the team. They’ll be seeing exclusive meetings and phone calls and sketches. And before you know it, the line will be here. My Barbz will be giving me information and their opinions and their true feelings."

On filling her collection with frocks: 

"I’ve been doing a lot of dresses lately, and I feel like I’m more confident when I look like this. It doesn’t have to be super over-the-top sexy. Some of the dresses I’ve been doing lately are completely covered—like the sweater dresses—and my fans have really responded to it. My fans are like, ‘Hey look Nicki, we want some kooky, crazy leggings and stuff like that, but we also want some things we can wear when we’re going to work or whatever.’ […] But I’ve just been feeling so romantic and sexy lately, so dresses have to be in the line."

On her accessories line: 

"We’ll be doing the new signature hats I’ve been doing, and boots and legwarmers and those types of things. I’ve always loved humongous earrings, bamboo earrings, so I also want to do that."

On what to expect in the collection: 

"I tend to love animal print, and my fans seem to love that, so I’ll definitely have some animal print in there. I love pops of color. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love color. So I definitely want to have some neons in there that just make you feel bad. I’ve been wearing a lot of Alexander McQueen dresses lately, and I feel like it makes you feel slimmer and longer, so I want to have those cuts in terms of dresses in the line."

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